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Tamara Littleton

The Social Element

Best Snackable Content per Creative Technique juror


Tamara Littleton is founder and CEO of The Social Element, a consultancy-led social media agency advising some of the world’s biggest brands on how to use social to solve business challenges. The agency has worked with clients such as Diageo, Toyota, Primark, HSBC and Nissan. Tamara founded the company in 2002 before the explosion of social media. She had previously run the Webmaster team for BBC Online, which fuelled her love of online communities, and from the early days of moderating online chatrooms and communities, she recognised the potential that social media engagement and great content held for business. Tamara set up the business with the ambition of challenging the conventional agency model; she pioneered and built a distributed workforce model that to this day is truly innovative in the agency market. This meant the company could attract a diverse pool of top talent and deliver innovative social media strategy to global clients, while also activating in a way that is relevant to any market, language or culture. In 2013, Tamara also co-founded Polpeo, a crisis simulation platform for brands and their agencies so they could prepare for how a crisis would affect them online and how to communicate effectively.

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