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Haleigh Dunning

Digital Advertising & Social Media Manager, Eataly

Best Snackable Content per ads format juror

New York

Haleigh is the Digital Advertising & Social Media Manager at Eataly USA, managing the digital communication and advertising strategy for Eataly's six United States locations. She's an avid lover of creative content creation, technologies, and storytelling, making a career in the marketing field an easy fit. Her background in marketing agencies for a variety of brands has developed her skills in working with clients to help their companies grow in an authentic, smart, and strategic way. She's also passionate about analytics and data, reading into what's working & what's not online and implementing that information to always grow and learn and try something new. Haleigh is living in Brooklyn with her husband, Zach, and two dogs, Otis (French Bulldog) & Kitsune (Shiba Inu).

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