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Frédéric Elkoubi

Managing Director, Head of Content, RUSH

Best Snackable Content per Creative Technique juror


Frédéric build from scratch RUSH the Digital and Snackable Content production agency at eg+ France … and also runs the new business! With creative energy and genuine commitment, he help colleagues and clients (Ikea, Nissan, Cartier…) alike to stay up to date with new digital advances. He began his career as a scientist but in 1998 he make a U-turn to start working as a creative at Publicis before building his own company. From a Moroccan dad and an Italian mum, cooking, travelling, sharing, discovering are coming from his roots…
During the week he live in Paris Sopi - culture, tattoostudio, craft beer, skateboard, friends – where his girlfriend manages her fragrances start up and for weekends in countryside - nature, horses, bbq, friends - where the time stands by. All those contrasts balance him and push him up to explore and experiment day to day life.

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