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Arthur "King" Estienne

Creative Director,

2018's Most Snackable Content
Media / Entertainment / Culture / Music juror


We do not really know if Arthur King is DA, DJ, director, or all that at once. The good news is that he does not know it himself. As a DJ, Arthur King is known for his creative mixtapes that have been a hit with columnists in the international music press. He has mixed from Los Angeles to Tokyo with the biggest DJs in the world, and he's been the official DJ of the MTV European Music Awards, with Justin Timberlake in the role of host, in front of a billion TV viewers. As creative director, he works on 360 ° creative projects for a wide variety of clients: brand identity, TV cover, clips ("Here" by Christine and The Queens, Booba), advertising spots (the saga "I'm at Sosh's place"). Arthur is now working on the image and creative strategy of the young and ambitious pure player Konbini.

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